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          Four Musical Toys to Foster Baby's Music and Hearing Ability

          Four Musical Toys to Foster Baby's Music and Hearing Ability

          Music is the golden key for children to develop other intelligence, some experts thought. It is true that the baby is born with hearing, and the most heard is the mother's voice. However, as the baby's hearing matures, baby urgently needs some toys to bring the baby a wider range of music content: a soft melody, a beautiful song, or some very characteristic percussion and accompaniment. These music contents enable baby to have a deeper understanding of the sound, sound quality, volume, and pitch. The baby's hearing judgment and sensitivity will be further enhanced.

          The variety of musical toys sold in the toy market is dazzling and difficult to select. Therefore, Sunlin Toys recommends: parents consider purchasing the following 4 musical toys suitable for the baby to exercise the baby's emotional intelligence.

              ?1. Musical Electronic Piano: suitable for babies over 6 months old

          There are many types of such electronic piano toys, from the baby's mini-keyboard to the multi-function electronic piano for older children. A variety of styles can be chosen at will. The toy electronic piano is the most suitable musical toy for babies who are under one year old and have weaker abilities. Because it can not only play directly with the buttons, but also play music and a variety of sound effects, convenience and participation. However, the volume of the keyboard is high. Parents should pay attention to the volume when purchasing. If volume can be adjusted, parents need to adjust it before babies use.

              2. Toy Xylophone: suitable for babies over one year of age.

          The xylophone sounds crisp and has 8 or 15 scales. As long as baby hit the xylophone with a hammer, it can make a pleasant sound. This toy is moderate in volume, pure in sound, easy to use, and allows the baby to recognize different scales. It is a good toy which repeatedly attracts baby beats to help develop baby’s arm muscles.

              3. Musical Mat: suitable for babies over one year of age

          The musical mat is like a carpet on the ground, with a foot or a hand press to make a note sound. This enables the child to feel the music while exercising, not only can exercise the baby's body with fun, but also make baby feel the charm of music. There are piano mats, dance mats, and game mats to choose from.

              4. Jazz Drum Toy: suitable for babies over 3 years old

          The jazz drum toy is a product that imitates adult jazz drums and adds children's elements. The baby's use of the jazz drum can enhance the coordination ability of the hand and the eye. It can stimulate the brain through the excise of hands and feet. It also plays the role of exercising the arms, which is more suitable for boys to play.

          Buying a suitable musical toy for baby will help baby to develop musical quality and good personality.


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