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          Three principles that keep your kids away from dangerous toys

          Three principles that keep your kids away from dangerous toys

          New toys on the market emerge one after another, and curious kids are always interested in toys with different kinds of gimmicks. For kids, nothing is more important than safety. So, in order to avoid potential dangers and the risk that lurk when your kid is playing, parents must abide by the following three principles.

          Do not buy products with no name of the manufacturer, no production address, and no sanitation license code
          When buying toys, try to go to regular shopping malls, supermarkets or the official website of legitimate toy suppliers. In particular, large shopping malls and supermarkets have strict selection criteria, and they have also helped parents to conduct initial screening. When purchasing through e-commerce channels, it is necessary to carefully study and inquire about the specific conditions of the products, including whether the compositions of the products are safe, and whether they have been tested or certified. At present, China implements China Compulsory Certification (CCC) for some toys, including baby carriages, electric toys, projectile toys, metal toys, dolls, and plastic toys. The trademarks of toys that have passed the safety certification will be marked on the toy, parents should pay attention to this so as not to buy unqualified products.

          In addition, parents have to consider whether the toy is durable enough. Like, are those plastic toy materials too brittle, and easy to hurt children after broken? Also, the size of the toy must be bigger than the kid's mouth, do not buy toys with small beads or similar stuffing, so as to prevent being swallowed by kids and stuck at their trachea or esophagus. Parents need to judge whether the toy is playable as well. Some toys for chemistry experiments are not suitable for children who are too young. Because the chemical substances contained in them are not only 
          dangerous, but also may cause a fire or even explosion due to the wrong use.

          Read the instructions carefully before use
          A lot of damage is caused by playing dangerous toys. And there is also a case where the toy is not used according to the instructions. Parents are required to read the labels and instructions carefully (such as the age range of the toy, and how to use the toy correctly) before giving kids toys, which provide very important information. Toys, even their size, are selected according to the age of the child because the toys are age-specific and designed according to the children's abilities, understanding, and interests in that age group. There was an accident in Manchester, England, because a kid 
          played with the toy with borax in the wrong way, and she was unfortunately burned.

          Accompany your kid when he or she is playing
          When the child plays with the toy, Parents need to accompany, guide and protect your kid when he or she is playing with toys to ensure kid's safety. And also pay attention to whether the toys will cause harm to your kid's friends. 

          Safety awareness should never be neglected, consider the questions as follows when selecting toys:
          1. Is the surface of the toy smooth and will there be burrs that may scratch kids' hands?
          2. Are the parts securely attached to the toy and will it loose during play?
          3. Is the toy itself larger than a kid's mouth (the kid's oral diameter)? And prevent kids from eating the spare parts of the toys.
          4. Is there a gap in the connected part and will the toy hurt the hands of kids?
          5. Does the rope and strap on the toy have the risk of hurting kids?


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